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Energetic Delhi is a frenzy of culture, high-end shopping and traditional crafts – a true feast for the senses.

Delhi - Indian - city

Chaos and Delight

“Whenever I have time to spare between business meetings, I’ll go for a stroll through [Mughal emperor] Humayun’s gardens, especially at sunset, when the red sandstone and white marble appear to be ablaze.”

In just one day in Delhi, one can promenade through the monuments that litter the city (vestiges of bygone empires) laze around the National Gallery of Modern Art(don’t miss the Rajput painting gallery) or dig for treasure in the Old Town’s bustling bazaar, Chandni Chowk.

“I visit India every six months. This country has amazing handicraft, with an incredible mastery of dyeing, pattern printing and embroidery. It’s a complex land that teaches you a lot about yourself – a place where life and death, beauty and ugliness, rich and poor exist side by side. You quickly feel at home here, because there’s this ambient humanity and faith.”

I regularly travel to Delhi to source my sequins, ribbons and pearls, and help out with the production of my collections.

Gabriella Cortese - Dehli - city

Our must-sees in Delhi

Imperial Janpath Hotel
The city’s most resolutely colonial hotel is at once its most charming and its most breathtaking. 

Neemrana Fort Palace
This 15th-century fort was converted into a hotel featuring a spa, two swimming pools, and an astonishing view!

Kinari Bazar
A veritable Ali Baba's cave for pearls and sequins.
Old Delhi 6

Shaw Brothers
Invest in sumptuous cashmere shawls, guaranteed to become heirlooms.
D47 Defence Colony, ND 110024

Our source for 100% natural beauty products.
29A Khan Market, ND 110003

Basil and Thyme
The perfect meeting spot to meet for lunch before hitting the shopping trail.
28, Ground Floor, Sundar Nagar Market, Sundar Nagar

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